Sunday, September 27, 2015

Oriental Trading Review!

Halloween is near and its one of my favorite Holidays. Theres something about the scary decorations, costumes, and the kids hyped up on candy that get me excited. 
Every year my family and I throw a Halloween party. I buy up bags and bags of candy,make up fun desserts like dirt pudding with gummy worms, spooky punch or other foods to fit the theme. We go all out with decorations and treat bags for the kids.
Once again, this year I chose to do my shopping at Oriental Trading. They have everything you could need to make your Halloween party Spook-tacular.

The first thing on my list was bags and boxes for the kids. I chose the Candy Corn Spider Filled Treat Boxes. The set comes with 8 boxes. Each box contains 6 assorted gift items like slinkies, bracelets etc.

These Halloween Cellophane Bags are perfect for filling with candy and they only cost $2 for a dozen. Im thinking I will make candy corn and fill the bags up and include them in the treat boxes. The Monster Candy Buckets would be ideal for classroom Halloween parties. Im going to fill them with small candies. I wanted a couple small things the kids would play with and the Mini Little Boolievers Paddleball Games were perfect. You get 48 pieces for only $8.50. Another good item I found was the Halloween Pencil Top Erasers. I got 144 erasers for under $5. Thats enough for multiple classrooms full of kids. 

I think the kids will love the Spin Tops which also came with 144 pieces, for under $7. Some of the other items I got included the Ghost Kid Magnet Craft which will be something fun the kids can do together. The Monster Photo Prop, amazing for pictures, and the Sticky Jack-O Lanters.

Everything I got was under $100. Its enough for an entire Halloween Party or multiple classrooms. You can also find fun ideas for your party theme like this witch's hat ring toss game we made. Oriental Trading has everything you need this Halloween. 

With Oriental Trading the possibilities are truly endless! Get started planning your perfect party, get together or event today start your shopping at Oriental Trading. To connect with Oriental Trading on social media follow the links below:

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