Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just Think Toys

                                                                     Bath Blocks

Sometimes the most educational toys are the simplest toys- toys with lots of open ended possibilities that encourage young minds to think, create and explore. The best of these toys provide progressive layers of challenge for children to discover as they grow. At their very best, these toys encourage exploration, reward discovery and empower our children.

Bath Blocks bring classic block play into a fun, new, fascinating water environment. The bathtub is the perfect place to create waterslides, ball runs, floating towns and more. The "sticky" viscosity of water creates a helpful cling between blocks, and the movement, buoyancy and flow of water add an engaging twist to classic block play (dipping BathBlocks into soap or shampoo suds increase their stick to tub walls and other blocks dramatically)

Bath Blocks are made from bacteria and mildew resistant EVA and contain no PVC or phthalates. They have also won Oppenheim Gold awards. Your children will never want to get out of the bath again. There are so many ways to build and change the Bath Blocks. Wether it be the popular  20 piece Coast Guard set or the 21 piece Ball Run, your children will love being able to switch up designs. Just Think Toys even offers expansion sets you can purchase separately. Theres not many options for bath tub toys so Bath Blocks from Just Think Toys are a must have for your little ones.
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  1. Wow these really seem so neat!! Gonna have to get some for my grandsons!!

  2. Interesting article!
    My 7 year old would definitely enjoy these!


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