Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Genesis Toys

My Friend Teddy
My friend Teddy is an interactive teddy bear with some of the same qualities as the My Friend Cayla doll (make sure to read the review). Teddy has an app downloadable on iTunes or google play that has a lot of play options- stories, songs, talking and playing.
A lot of My Friend Teddys activities can help enhance fine motor  and basic language skills. Simply connect Teddy to your IOS or Android device using Bluetooth wireless technology and choose from the interactive stories, learning games, counting exercises and more.
My Friend Teddy can also be played without being connected to a smart device. His animated mouth, tip and touch sensors work any time. He will giggle when tickled and complain when tipped upside down. You can personalize Teddy with information about your child such as their names or likes and dislikes. Your children will be amazed at how much there new friend Teddy knows about them. 

My Friend Teddy also grows with your child. You can adjust there age and Teddy will adjust what he says and plays with them. You can also create photo albums or choose from any language you would like Teddy to speak. My Friend Teddy will brings hours of smiles and laughter to your children, with memories that last a lifetime.

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