Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Genesis Toys

                                          My Friend Cayla
                                                       Interactive Talking Doll

 The new interactive doll "My Friend Cayla" is expected to be one of the most popular items on Christmas wish lists for 2015. My Friend Cayla is the first of its kind. Shes not just a doll, she's a friend. The blonde hair, blue eyed doll stands at 45cm and comes with a brush and mirror. The main selling point is that she's a talking, interactive doll with Bluetooth capabilities. Cayla can answer questions, tell stories, play games, and chat.

  Your kids will fall in love with their new friend Cayla. They can carry on full conversations with her. They an ask what she enjoys doing, what her likes and dislikes are or what tomorrows weather will be. She can even be a study buddy. Ask her questions like what is the capital of France, or what is two plus two. When synced with an Android or IOS device via Bluetooth she'll use speech-to-text technology to look up answers online and speak them back to you.

 With the app itself you can play noughts and crosses ( tic tac toe )with Cayla. She is definitely a worthy opponent and doesn't always let you win. More games are also promised in the near future.
My Friend Cayla also has a story to tell about a trip to the botanical gardens with her Mother. Look through her photo albums and select on a picture to have Cayla tell you more about the picture and the events of that day.
Setting Cayla up is pretty easy, she requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). You will download the provided app to your smart device, turn her on and connect via Bluetooth. She needs to remain reasonably close to your device and works best if you don't use your WIFI on other devices while playing with her. You can change the dolls name and your location in Settings. You can also add any bad words or language you don't want her to use to a list so that she knows not to use them ( if only this were an option for our kiddos haha ).

My Friend Cayla is safer than simply handing your kid a tablet for a number of reasons including ; there is a comprehensive built in list of pre-blocked words which can be added to at home; it features online safe-search filters; and no websites or links will be shown on the smart device. Its so eay to use, simply Download, Sync and Play.
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