Sunday, August 30, 2015

Homework Caddy

                                                              The Homework Caddy

Being organized is something my family definitely needs. When you have school aged kids, the days of being footloose and fancy free are over. There's now drop of times, pick up times, bath time and homework time. These things alone can add alot of stress to a household, but add in a cluttered, unorganized home and the stress hits a whole new level.
When we sit our kids down to do their homework it can take forever to dig the papers out of their backpacks, look through the couch cushion to find that specific colored crayon and digging through drawer after drawer for a pencil.
If your ready to say bye bye to the clutter, the Homework Caddy has what you need.

The homework Caddy can help organize homework and keep track of special dates. Place it on the wall or behind the door, it barely takes up any space, includes two come-off-clean wall hooks and no nails needed.

The Homework Caddy was invented by a Mother who kept everything about school in mind in terms of design. There's a dry erase calender so that you'll never be late for another school function or doctors appointment, and a large space for notes on the other side (dry-erase marker included). There is four big pockets with labels to keep homework papers. A clear pocket in the middle that's great for a schools monthly lunch menu or class syllabus, and two smaller clear pockets for scissors and glue or pencils.
Pretty much anything the kids need in order to do their homework can all be stored in the Homework Caddy. If you would like to try one yourself visit there webpage below, or check back here for a giveaway soon.

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  1. This is what everyone needs, I love keeping things organized and this would be perfect!!


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