Tuesday, August 18, 2015


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"My Color is"
Crayola's new product line "My Color Is" was released earlier this year exclusively at Target. The new product answers the age-old question, "What's your favorite color" by putting together a range of 8 Crayola crayons, pencils and markers, all the same color, in the same package.

The new product is perfect for toddlers. If your like me and have a picky kid who only wants to draw and color with Blue crayons and markers this set is perfect for you. No more digging through a box of crayons trying to find every shade of blue available. This takes away some of the hassle for you.

Your little one can now have an entire pack of crayons of only their favorite shade. I'm sure most of you have bought countless boxes of the 64 count Crayola crayons only to lose half of them or have them pushed to the side. With "My Color Is" that problem is now non existent.

Another thing I liked about the line is that we have got to try numerous types of crayons we otherwise may have never knew about like the Pip Squeak markers. They are perfect for my toddlers tiny grasp. The window crayons were also a hit, my boys loved that they had a crayon they were allowed to draw on the windows with ( it wipes off easily with a wet paper towel ) Each pack includes a window crayon, a twistable crayon, a color sticks crayon, a dry erase crayon, colored pencil, two size pip squeak markers, and a slick stix crayon.

If your kids hate the smell of markers maybe you should try Crayola's Scented Markers. And available for older kids are the Power Lines scented markers. Crayola has pretty much any kind of crayons, markers or paint that your kids may need.
Crayola is a brand I grew up with and to me is iconic. I want my kids to enjoy the same fun I had with Crayola product's as a child and I want your kids to enjoy Crayola also. So make sure you are following Crayola on social media below to stay up to date on contests, coupons, new products, discounts and so much more!

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  1. Crayola is our go to Back To School brand I do not think any crayons are as good as Crayola dn I love their new scented markers line. Amazing post so needed with back to school here!


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