Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sands Alive Glow

                                                  Sands Alive Glow

I received a sample kit for review purposes only. All opinions stated are my own.

Sands alive glow is the original playful sand with an added customizable glow feature. You can now make creations glow in the dark with cool new tools that have never been seen before.
The indoor no-mess play sand is bacteria free, never dries out and is flying off store shelves. Its fun to play with, stimulates creativity and is easy to sculpt, making it a great indoor and outdoor activity. The incredible sand now has an added element that is truly mind-glowing- and you have the power to make it glow. Sands Alive Glow is fun and easy to use. When you're ready to take yours to the next level, bring it into the dark and watch it magically come to life. The kit includes two tools to transform your sand creations. The glow tool light pointer is used to sketch and doodle pen the sand. The Sand-Charging Glasses enhance the overall play experience by transforming the sand as you build and mold. Different movements cause different glow reactions, creating quite the sand spectacle. you must try it to believe it.

Our Sands Alive Glow kit arrived yesterday. As soon as my boys saw it there eyes lit up. They love the regular Sands Alive, so I knew they would get loads of fun out of this one. The kit includes the sand, a plastic container to keep it in, a headset with lights and a pen. The pen can be used to draw and make designs in the sand. You can turn off the lights, put on the head set and watch your creation glow. I was skeptical at how well the glow in the dark feature would work, so I was pleasantly surprised.

 It creates hours of mess-less fun for the kids. My 8 year old has alot of sensory issues, so this is amazing for him. He loves putting it in his hands just for the feel of it. As a mother, that was a big plus for me. Another thing I like is that it dont dry out like PlayDoh. No matter how long you leave it out in the open the texture does not change. Sands Alive offers a variety of Sands Alive items like the regular Sands Alive, Glow Volcano Kit, Sunken Castle Discovery and lots more. You can even purchase extra accessories. Take a minute to check out there products.


  1. Sounds really cool...I have some friends that has kids that would love this!! Great Review

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