Friday, June 19, 2015

                       Camden Park
 Look at that cute expression, Thats my 8 year old son Logan with his Nana getting off of the Haunted House ride at Camden Park. He was telling me that it wasnt scary,lol. This was the first ride we rode that day. I hadn't been to Camden Park since I was a small child. I had heard it had been updated alot so I wanted my kids to experience a piece of my child hood.

 What I liked most about Camden Park is that they had plenty of rides for children. Theres not much more that I hate than planning your day at the amusement park only to get there and realize that almost every ride they have is too big for your kids. We did not have that problem here. There was a few rides in which kids under 48 inches tall had to have an adult accompany them, but for the most part kids of all sizes could ride everything.
 They even had plenty enough to satisfy my biggest baby, my husband. HaHa. Him and the boys really enjoyed the skylift. I recommend riding the skylift or taking a ride on the train first, because you get a good view of the park and can point out where everything is.

 If you get tired of walking around and just want to do some relaxing head over to the golf course with the kids. Its a beautiful scene and has about 16 holes. This was fun for my husband and boys.

 If it gets to hot go cool off on the water ride. This seemed to be the most popular ride at the park. You go down two slopes and at the bottom of each one you get a nice splash of water. Dont worry though, it wont get you drenched, just enough to cool you down :)
 Ofcourse, what is Camden Park without the Big and Little Dippers. To my amazement, my 3 year old loved these. He wanted to ride again and again.

 The carousel is a family favorite. Its a fun yet calming ride for the parents and kids. So many cute horses and unicorns to choose from.

If your looking for something to do that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, and with plenty to do for the whole family then head to Camden Park in Huntington West Virginia.

All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for this post.

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