Friday, May 22, 2015

Madison Reed Hair Care Products

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Madison Reed Hair Color

At Madison Reed, they empower people to look and feel their best inside and out!

Their mission is to make personal care more personal by providing exceptional service and building authentic relationships. To do this, we’re turning the hair color industry on its head and developing radically innovative and technology-enabled hair care and color products and experiences.
Our focus is on delivering a little bit of pampering and a little bit of glamour all in the convenience of your home, on your own time. We even support you every step of the way to make sure your hair looks incredible and you feel fantastic.


We dream big. We take risks. We are dedicated to innovation and disrupting the status quo to provide the best possible products and experiences. Moving at the speed of change, we use feedback and research to iterate and adapt according to the needs, demands, and desires of our customers. In fact, we find solutions before you even knew you had issues.


We don’t just say we’re authentic—we prove it. We stand behind our products, services, brand, and each other. Through our prompt, honest, responsive communications, we ensure the integrity of the values we stand for in everything we do.


Fun matters. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and are truly grateful for all that we achieve. That’s why we celebrate everything! Best of all, we love to share our joy, and delight our customers in every way, every day.


All of our products are carefully designed to be of the highest quality, a great value, and healthier for you and your hair. We hold ourselves accountable to do what’s right for our customers, our partners, our community and the environment.


We love what we do and we want you to love it too! As a family of compassionate, concerned, and caring individuals, we support each other, our partners, and our customers as we grow and flourish both personally and professionally. We especially encourage people to always be themselves, because the things that make us different make us!

We invite you to join us in celebrating everything, and living life brilliantly!
Better Color

I heard about Madison Reed from a good friend of mine. She always has the most beautiful, healthy, shiny looking hair. She said Madison Reed is the only color products she ever uses. With three kids all under the age 7 I wondered how she always keeps her roots on point, she told me about another product from Madison Reed which she says is her most important beauty product. Its called Madison Reeds Quick Root Touch Up On the Go. I looked online and found it. It looks almost like a blush compact. You just brush it on your hair. I figure this would be perfect for me, as I don't always have time to touch up my roots every 4 to 6 weeks. This product is waterproof and pillow proof with each application lasting until your next shampoo, and one compact is good for around 60 uses. I've never saw anything like this. It could potentially be the most amazing hair product invented in my opinion. I think about all the times I've had an important event coming up and not have enough time to touch up my roots, this would be perfect for those situations. Micro-milled pigments give hair natural-looking depth and dense root coverage. Goes on in seconds. It comes in 6 beautiful shades. Make sure to click on one of the links and try it out for yourself. Ill be trying this product out for myself within the next few weeks and Ill let you ladies and gents know how it goes.

Root Touch Up vs Eyeshadow

Root Touch Up

Winter Hair Care


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