Friday, April 10, 2015


Going Goble (previously Gobble It Up Reviews) would love to work with your company!
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We offer the following:
Sponsored Reviews
Sponsored Giveaways
Sponsored Social Media Advertising
Sponsored Posts
Sponsored Packages*
If you have a product you would like reviewed or if you would like to schedule a giveaway with me, please contact me at  . I create themed giveaways, social media awareness, and unique campaigns with each company and product I work with. I would love to learn about your products and feature you on the website. My media kit is updated once a month. If you would like the most current numbers, including unique visitors, and pageviews- please contact me! My social media numbers are rising each day and I can not update the kit as often as I would like. All of my Social Media Links can be found to the right of this page, the buttons are easily accessible.
Interested in a new way to market? FLASH GIVEAWAYS on Facebook are a hit! Offering smaller items or gift cards to winners is a great way to interact with potential customers and gain more visual exposure! I would love to help you host a flash giveaway with my readers and fans. The options are endless!
I am more than happy to provide you with our analytics or Facebook insights on contact.

PR Policy

-Items for review will need to be full size in order for us to review them properly. The product will then become property of Gobble It Up Reviews. We can not return review items.

-Reviews are typically posted within 3-6 weeks of receiving the product, unless other arrangements have been made.

-Reviews will contain information about your company/product.

-Reviews will be advertised on Facebook and Twitter ( we also offer advertising on Pinterest and Instagram, and can post the reviews on retail websites- if you prefer)

-After the review is posted, a link will be provided to you

-If an event is happening on the blog and you would like your product reviewed on a specific date, arrangements can be made ahead of time.

-If we are sent the wrong item or a damaged item then the review will not be conducted. You will have the option to send another product.

-If the above items are not met, we reserve the right not to publish the review

I look forward to working with you!
Jessica Goble
Going Goble

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