Friday, April 10, 2015

MB INTEL Safety-Security-emergency preparation-home risk analysis Review!


I received the below mentioned product free for review and was compensated for my opinion all opinions are my own.

Do you feel safe in your home? Do you feel prepared to keep your family safe if you were faced with a natural disaster? I felt pretty confident up until a couple hours ago when I was asked to try the safety,security,emergency preparation risk analysis from MBintel. You fill out a questionairre that takes as little as 15 minutes where you answer questions about your home security, your plans if there were to be any sort of natural disaster, how safe your home is for children etc.
 Im in Eastern Kentucky so we dont have much as far as natural disasters happening here. There's the occasional flooding, well I guess I cant say occasional since our area has had 2 major floods in just the past few months as well as some isolated toranadoes, but i always felt as if my family was prepared. Although I dont live in a flood zone I do get worried about the potential this area has for flooding and I worry about how I would keep the kids safe if the water were to ever reach our home. What I worry most about is theft because this area is horrible for thiefs who feel entitled to steal from people rather than getting off there lazy butts and working for what they want. I took this analysis and to my surprise I scored a whopping 53%. From the looks of the report we need to work on our preparation and home security. This was definitely a wonderful tool and has sparked my desire to improve on my homes safety and security and my families preparation. Theres nothing more important to me than my families safety. I urge you guys to try this out. It will make you think twice if you feel like your prepared, and you feel like your home has good security.
My readers can receive a coupon code for $10 off if you want to try it. Just enter code MomBuzz at checkout. Link below

All opinions expressed are of my own and were not influenced in anyway. 


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