Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Carnival Theme Party

Yesterday we celebrated my sons 8th birthday with a Carnival theme party. It turned out great and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The best part is that I didn't spend a lot of money. Most of the decor was hand made with products we already had. A huge thanks to my mother in law who once again outdid herself. She's always my go-to person when I need help decorating.

These signs, along with some of the table cloths,plates,cups and napkins were purchased from Birthday Express for less than $15. Table cloths can really tie in the theme when having any kind of celebration so that's one of th items I don;t care to shell out some money for.

 Ofcourse with an out door carnival theme you've got to have things to keep the kids occupied. One of the fun games we made was Clown Ball. The concept is simple, throw the ball and try to land inside the clowns mouth. This game was made with a cardboard box, wrapping paper and drawing paper. You just wrap the box, draw your clown faces and cut them out and glue them on. Cut out your holes ( clowns mouth). There's also a hole cut out in the back so that when the kids throw the ball you just reach in and get it. The kids loved this.

 One of my favorites is always the photo booth. Once again the photo booth was made from a large box,wrapped with white paper. The "curtains" are 2 separate red plastic table cloths. And a $1 banner from WalMart. I also purchased a "photo prop" package for $2.97 at WalMart. But these are also easily made. You can check my post about the super hero party if you want to know how to make your own.

I think the Prize Table was the kids favorite part, My plans with this were to give each kid so many tickets after winning a game, they could then use there tickets to "buy" a prize. I got busy though and just let them take what they wanted lol. I bought a 12 pack of inflatable guitars and a 12 pack of inflatable microphones on Amazon for around $5 a pack. These reminded me of the prizes at Carnivals when i was a child. The clown noses also came from Amazon for $3. I got the blow up clowns and lollipops from Birthday Express. Some bouncy balls,big lollipops,crazy string,water blasters and some more odds and ends from the Dollar Tree.

Balloon Darts were a hit. And so simple. A box wrapped in wrapping paper and we just taped the balloons on. We were worried the wind would cause problems but the tape held. We used regular balloons and bought the darts on Amazon for less than $3

I went the simple route with food. Hotdogs, corn dogs, nachos and cheese. We had popcorn in pop corn bags I purchased from the Dollar Tree. And peanuts in brown paper bags. I purchased cracker jacks for $1.20 for 3 boxes. I bought several and just left them in the boxes for the kids to grab. The cupcakes looked like popcorn which was an idea we saw on Pinterest. We used marshmallows for the popcorn look. Instead of huge bags of cotton candy for each kid,which would have gotten expensive, we used lollipop sticks and baggies and put the cotton candy in them with a ribbon tied on it.
This party was probably one of the most inexpensive parties we've had. It also ended up being the kids favorite.


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