Thursday, August 28, 2014

Paw Patrol Party

 Are you looking to throw a super cute, cheap Paw Patrol Birthday Party? My boys are obsessed with Paw Patrol. So it came as no surprise when my youngest wanted a Paw Patrol party for his 3rd birthday. I was pretty excited to start planning since I finally got to play around with ideas. Pinterest is always my Go-To site when it comes to party planning. There's always really  cute, cheap, DIY ideas for kids birthday parties.

The first thing I started working on was the cup cake stand. I looked all over the internet for Paw Patrol cupcake stands but the only ones I found where on Etsy and they were super expensive. I ended up buying the solid white cardboard cup cake stand from Walmart. I found tons of free templates online of paws and dog bones so I traced them out and put them on card stock paper and glued them around the sides. I found the pictures of the characters online and traced them the best I could, colored them, attached card stock paper to the back to hold them up and stuck them in the grooves on the top of the cupcake stand. We made the cupcakes ourselves and used free templates for the cup cake toppers. It turned out pretty darn good :)

For the tables we just bought solid color table cloths from the Dollar Tree. We drew and cut out paw prints and dog bones and taped them on the tables. (At the times I couldn't find Paw Patrol table cloths anywhere). But I think these turned out good and saved a lot of money. Normally character tablecloths run anywhere from $4 to $6. The center pieces were my favorites. These were thanks to my mother in law. I swear she could sell these on Etsy for atleast $15 a piece haha. The containers all came from the dollar tree, they were little cheap tub like containers. And once again we got the templates for free online, cut and glued them ourselves. You can get the sticks in the baking sections or craft sections at most retail stores.

Another cute idea is dog bowls. We got these for $1 each at the Dollar Store. You can make some cute notes and stick to them that say "Doggy Snacks". We got cookie cutters from Wal Mart. For about $5 you get 3 cutters including the bone and paw shapes, which is what we used to cut out the rice krispie treats. For food we kept it simple with hotdogs, chips and potato salad.

I had big ideas for the cake, but it ended up not being what I expected at all. It was made by a local lady who had did several cakes for me in the past. It was suppose to be made with fondant, but instead I guess she got in a rush and used icing which was melted before we got it to the party. Oh well, over all we ended up with a great birthday party and my son was thrilled. The best part is that we hand made pretty much every piece of décor.

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